Drinking coffee like an Italian

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, cold, or a beautiful sunny day, the city of Rome captures you with it’s vivaciousness and doesn’t let go.  Want to feel as if you are an invited guest and savor the culture, food, and wine of this magnificent city?  Let’s go!

Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name or at least pretend that is what’s going on! 
I have way too many shoes…said no one ever when shopping in Rome!  The beauty of staying in a residential neighborhood allows you to shop like a local, good prices and a variety of shops.  One of my favorite shoe stores is Danielle right off the Via Cola di Rienzo.

Place Sant’Angelo – The Bridge of Angels I can’t believe I have never walked over this bridge before.  It is stunning and I wanted to go home and dust off Dan Browns Angels & Demons as soon as possible.

Why is it that I feel like I am always wandering in Europe and I seem to get lost quite often.  Maybe its because when you least expect it you turn a corner or cross a new bridge and end up with a view like this. 
The sky after the early rain made the walk over the bridge very intriguing.

Pizza al Taglio for a quick afternoon or late night snack there are so many choices!  One of my favorites is potato, brie cheese and spinach!
Great grocery store find!  Pour over ice add a slice of orange put on your sunglasses sit on your deck and it’s like Happy Hour in Rome again!  
When ordering gelato always choose two flavors and say si when they ask con panna?

Just a glimpse at my day in Rome!   For the record I only bought one pair of shoes.

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