Chasing seats and the last few days of summer!

IMG_7049The life of a flight attendant. Sometimes considered a dream job…being paid to travel the world for free. Traveling while working but also on our days off. For some people it just doesn’t work. The numerous days away from home. Lack of certainty. Lack of a love life and or family time. Then you have me! Someone who has made this career a lifestyle. Wanting to enrich my life. Always planning the next trip. Worrying about missing out on an adventure yet squeezing in time to work and complete all the Mom tasks at home. Trip planning is never easy or quick. We can only go for free if there are open seats on the plane. Yes a huge perk. I start with an idea of what I would like to do…this time I was thinking a health and wellness vacation would be a perfect fit for my friend and I. Then the research begins… where can we get to? Florida, Caribbean, Arizona, France.  Yes the list is endless and yes I jump from one idea to the next often forgetting the original plan. Dreaming of another opportunity, and the ability to transport oneself into another culture. If only for just a few days. Always planning as though this would be my first trip. Just ask my husband he will confirm it is not! Then I stumbled upon a retreat in the South of France, would this work for us?  There were pictures of a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean and yoga classes combined with healthy food. I could see us there. Our travel dates for the retreat didn’t match up this time.  I was, however, unable to erase the views of the Mediterranean Sea composed in my mind, the idea of visiting local markets and the lure of once again speaking french. I began more research and this is how we ended up in Nice!

We had traveled overnight and we were jet-lagged. After arriving at our hotel in Nice and learning there was no room for at least three more hours – we were shattered. My clothes had begun sticking to me and I couldn’t see us attempting to wander the streets of Nice without a shower, espresso and change of attire. We were in The French Riviera so not a problem. Just saying “The French Riviera” sounds swanky.  The Promenade des Anglais is dotted with beach clubs offering lounges, umbrellas, towels, restaurants and drinks. We had a plan, after all this is where the “in crowd” resides during the summer. Now I know why. You can sun bathe, order drinks, snacks and cool off in the blue clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea! Offering the perfect cure for jet-lag!

Ruhl Plage, lounge around with everyone else and enjoy views of the Mediterranean!
Yes I am swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
Finally after a good night rest we were able to explore! France holds a special place in
my heart. Although it can be quirky and rigid I can’t seem to get enough of the
joie-de-vivre. First stop at a traditional boulangerie…time for a flaky croissant. The kind
you eat warm, as soon as it’s given to you with buttery layers spilling onto your clothes.
We found a table in which to sit to enjoy our petit dejeuner while people
watching and sipping espresso and chocolat chaud. Knowing the
healthy juice would be available for us at home after our vacation was over.


Since we are talking about my favorite foods in France. Something you find on every
menu in every bistro is the classic Chevre Chaud Salade – warmed goat cheese over
greens in a simple dressing with a drizzle of honey. Delicious and irresistible!
Bon Appetit!


Knowing that I can’t eat like this everyday even though I am on vacation we ventured into the market in Old Town. Bursting with ambience and energy as the fruiterer and the fishmonger lay out their products. Presented in the most beautiful ways. Also, you can choose from a myriad of soaps from Provence, linens or a buy yourself some fresh produce and fruit in order to picnic in the sunshine. Don’t forget to pick up your baguette!

Longing to see another part of the French Riviera we made our way to
Villefranche-sur-Mer! Known as a charming, authentic fishing village with
stunning views in the heart of the Cote d’ Azur. After a twenty-five minute
Uber ride from Nice we were awarded with breathtaking views from up above
The Bay of Villefranche thanks to our friendly driver. You definitely see the
Italian influence in this artsy town. Walking and wandering opened up an
array of colors to the eyes and it seemed I had a photographic moment at
every corner.



The bus from Nice can lead you to many places in the Cote d’ Azur and is a very reasonable way to travel. Next stop for us was the village of St. Paul de Vence!  We walked the cobblestone streets and peeked into art galleries.  Lunch alfresco, a bit of shopping and then we saw the macaroons!  Flavors like watermelon, mango and cotton candy. Colors emulating the sights we have seen this week in the Cote d’Azur!

Was this a health and wellness vacation for the body – No but for the mind and spirit – Yes!



“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”


5 thoughts on “Chasing seats and the last few days of summer!

  1. I tried to comment on your blog site but it was quirky. I love your writing as always Tamara! This seemed wonderful – love you both!




  2. Can I come along next time?? looks really amazing! I’ll get a passport and everything! So glad you both had such a great trip! Happy Birthday, Tamara and Happy Anniversary Ria!


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