Champagne opportunity in France!

IMG_7732How an in-trip flight cancellation usually works for a flight crew…

Wake up call usually comes around 6:30 am translated to New York time middle of the night!  Sleep deprived from waking up around 2 or 3 am. Remembering the wine you had the night before. Wondering why your body never gets used to this crazy schedule and reflecting why you continue to do it. Hoping you packed your bags as much as possible the night before in order to save precious minutes in the morning. The crew bus takes you to the airport and the process of your flight home begins. On most days this is status quo and you depart on time. In the event of a problem you sit around the airport waiting for decisions to be made and if you are lucky you might be cancelled within 3 or 4 hours.  Waiting to high-five each other out of view of the passengers of course and immediately start planning our day. Then waiting for transportation back to your hotel. Already it’s around 1:00 pm. Wishing that maybe it would be better if you were in the air halfway across the Atlantic on your way home.

Once every three years you are rewarded with what I call a “good cancellation”. Finding out about it a day ahead of time. Usually because of a storm such as a blizzard or hurricane. This time we were the innocent victims of one of many French strikes…Air-traffic controllers. Another day in Paris for us; dare I say yippee!

Wandering around the streets of Paris leading anywhere on a fall afternoon. The beautiful Pont Alexandre Ill bridge spanning the Seine!

I’m not someone to waste a day anywhere so the plans commenced. Where can we go for a day trip. From Paris the options are endless. How much time do you want to spend on a train? Do you want to be indoors or outside.? Walking not a problem? For two of us venturing to the Champagne Region hit the mark!

The TGV travels to Reims France in 45 minutes. Walking around Reims is easy. There are also taxis as you exit the train station and  a tram. We walked! Leisurely stopping into shops on our way to the cathedral. Beautiful views inside and out of this gothic style church.

After arriving in Reims walk from the train station follow the route of the Tram and you will run into the Cathedral. Walk all the way around for beautiful views.

Our reservation to tour Taittinger Champagne House was at 1:15. That gave us an opportunity to get a feel for the city of Reims and time to grab a light lunch.  The guided tour was really interesting and lasted a little over an hour. Consisted of the amazing champagne production – check out the bottle turning process and a bit of history about Reims.  Then the best part of the day, the tasting. We elected for two tastings. One is never enough when it comes to sipping champagne and time to embrace our unscheduled day off in France. A Votre Sante’!

The very impressive caves. History lesson and seeing where all the bottles are stored is fantastic! From this family owned and run champagne house.


Definitely buy a bottle to take home not only is it delicious, but the packaging is beautiful think holiday gifts!


Always jet-lagged, nevertheless wanting to live in the moment! Enjoy

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