Oh the places I went…the year in review!

January started off in Heidelberg Germany. Breath-taking, medieval and oh so cold. The architecture is as interesting as the food scene. For every foodie a dinner at the Scharff’s Schlossweinstube located within the Heidelberg Castle walls is a must night out! February took me to a wedding in Cabo! Bringing family, friends and fun together. … More Oh the places I went…the year in review!

When in Rome…take the train to Umbria!

Early November and the tourists are sparse. Beautiful sunny afternoons leading to cool evenings. The perfect time to wander, shop, and sight see in Rome! But I wanted to do something impulsive. Out of the ordinary. Luckily I was traveling with my friend Gina. She always brings abundant willingness, enthusiasm and the language skills all … More When in Rome…take the train to Umbria!

Hot in the city!

There is one thing that Rome is in August… freaking hot! However, it is also beautiful, magical, stunning, and breathtaking!  A love/hate relationship you might say! Who doesn’t want to go to Rome anytime of the year. As long as you are prepared, Rome can be fantastic. For starters the locals have all departed for … More Hot in the city!